We are proud to announce the opening of our new state of the art stem cell treatment center in Plainview, NY called the Cellular Therapy Center of New York (CTCNY). Conveniently located in the heart of the Long Island area, our clinic provides first class stem cell therapy to local patients from the entire New York area and from around the world. Our staff members are ready to assist you with all your scheduling needs as well as answer any questions you may have about our technology and procedures. We are committed to the innovation of this modern healing study and the continuous education for our faculty and training for our staff. This means that our patients can have complete confidence that they are receiving the highest caliber treatment available anywhere in the world.


by: Dr. Andrew J. Rochman

Scientists are conducting extensive research in the field of regenerative medicine to boost immunity and treat diseases with the help of stem cells taken from the patient’s own body. As many of our organs have the power to regenerate themselves, such as liver and skin, it is hoped that soon the growing field of stem cell regeneration will allow for the treatment and rebuilding of muscle mass, damaged tissues, and even failing organs.

What Are Stem Cells?
Stem cells are biological cells within the human body that can be converted into a variety of different cell types to help with the healing and regeneration of other organs and body parts. The mostcommon stem cells used by regenerative medicine are the embryonic and adult stem cells, both of which have differing properties and uses.


How Are Stem Cells Used?
Stem cells taken from a patient’s body are used for the generation of organs and tissues, which can then be transplanted within the body. Complete organs and minor illnesses have successfully been treated with the help of this innovative research field. The cured conditions include blindness, minor brain damage, burns, broken bones, and others. (Cirm.ca.gov, 2014) Thus, the process is relatively simple. The stem cells are extracted from your body, cultured externally in controlled environments, and then returned to your body to initiate the healing process or replace the damaged organ.

Current Research in Stem Cells
Today, stem cell research is being conducted all over the globe with positive results. However, although simple therapies for minor tissue regeneration have been successful, complex cures will require time and effort of some of the leading researchers in this field in order to show the best outcomes. (Cirm.ca.gov, 2014). After performing stem cell research on animals, humans are now being tested for similar results. A few therapies that have shown amazingly positive outcomes include:

1. Regeneration of Organs
As mentioned above, adult humans have certain organs that can regenerate on their own, but this is not so for every body part. Thus, with the help of stem cells, damaged organs can now be recreated externally for transplant.
The biggest risk with transplants in the past was that, often, the patients’ bodies rejected the organ provided by the donor, making the process futile. However, when organs are generated from your very own cells, this risk will be considerably reduced with high probability of organ acceptability after the transplant process.

2. Rejuvenation of the Body
With age, the body loses its ability to maintain itself. Thus, health issues arise and immune systems weaken. All this occurs due to the increased dormancy of stem cells in the body, which ultimately causes tissues and organ failure.
Although this is all part of a natural process, researchers are performing various experiments to bring back our youth. They believe that by fusing old and aged stem cells with young ones, the body’s fitness can be returned with the help of tissue regeneration therapies.

Stem cell regeneration has shown positive results where simple organ regeneration is concerned, and it is to be hoped that future research will also make it possible to regenerate aged stem cells and complex organs for a longer and healthier human existence.

Our specialized procedures are all done on an outpatient basis using a minimally invasive surgical technique to isolate adult mesenchymal stem cells and immediately deliver those cells back to the patient. The cells may be delivered as a joint injection, an IV, intrathecally or intramuscularly. The entire process takes less than 3 hours to complete in most cases. We are committed to making your entire experience with us as comfortable as possible, with assistance from our qualified staff pre/during/and post treatment. (Please visit our FAQ section).

Stem Cell Therapy continues to advance rapidly due to worldwide research and major community support. This has led to the ever-growing number of applications and an expanding list of success stories bringing to light some of the most remarkable achievements in pain relief. Each day, more and more information is made available to the public where this modern science has majorly improved patients' lifestyles.

Most often, you will read about a stem cell therapy practice in the state of California, Florida or abroad. The CTCNY is officially established to serve and treat patients in the Northeast and is conveniently located in central Long Island especially for those who reside in the downstate New York area. To set up an appointment for a consultation, contact: 516-280-1333. Our offices are located in 700 Old Country Road, Suite 205 Plainview, NY 11803. You can also email us at: appt@celltherapycenterny.com

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